• Fields of expertise | AN.SE.

    …Knowing how to competently translate a variety of subjects requires effort and commitment that only a versatile professional translator is able to offer, using translation techniques, terminology and styles adapted to each specific sector.

    Without changing the original meaning, the final revision of the translation, where required, is our conclusive task, the aim being to enhance its quality!


    Reviews and texts to be published in high editorial value volumes on the art of painting and sculpting, architecture, etc.


    Tourism texts of various kinds: websites, catalogues, brochures

    Specialized translations

    • Food & Wine, with recognised experience in the wine sector
    • Industrial manuals: handbooks, catalogues and technical sheets for: machinery in general, wine-making machinery, mechanical engineering, installations, construction, motorcaravans, tools, etc...
    • Furniture: catalogues, technical sheets, promotional articles
    • Real estate: specifications and different types of technical literature
    • Press/editorial releases


    • Contracts, by-laws, legal and notary deeds, certified, sworn and authenticated translations: documents of all types for private individuals, professionals, public bodies and others
    • Meeting reports, property deeds of sale, company deeds, regulations


    Medical reports and the like, also for some local Public Authorities


    Correspondence in general, functions of foreign office for businesses

    Our trusting clients include

    • Small, medium and large-sized businesses
    • Art galleries
    • Advertising agencies, graphic designers and printers
    • Press and PR offices
    • Local and Northern Italian publishers
    • Lawyers, notaries and professional accountants
    • Real estate agencies
    • Provincial Administrations, various Universities
    • Private individuals coming from or going abroad who need the translation of any kind of documents, for which we can also provide sworn translations at Italian Courts of Justice and, when requested, legalization by Apostille.

  • For estimates, collaborations and information on our translation services, please contact us by email at anse@anse.it