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    AN.SE. boasts a high-end clientele located all over Italy, but on the strength of its presence in Tuscany, it offers its linguistic services in the area between Florence and Siena, mainly in Valdelsa.

    The company’s focus:


    Our first service is translating, which we complement with revisions, certified, sworn and authenticated translations, interpreting and commercial assistance acting as foreign office for businesses. Thanks to a comprehensive network of collaborators we are capable of handling multilingual projects, also of considerable size.

    Sworn translations, Apostille when necessary

    Translation and sworn translation of documents needed for importing vehicles and for immigration procedures such as, for example, citizenship application, certificates of residence, criminal records certificates, birth certificates, school certificates and any other kind of documents.

    Text revision

    Upon request, AN.SE. srl also deals with this service, which completes our support to businesses for the revision of texts, to ensure that they are clear, smoothly flowing and grammatically correct. In this service we range from simple proofreading (focusing on misprints, spelling and syntax errors) to more accurate revisions concerning language, style, terminology and consistency of the texts. We can also revise already translated texts to check their grammatical and syntax accuracy, always respecting the contents and the language register.


    AN.SE. srl has a team of qualified interpreters with many years of sector-specific experience in negotiation interpreting capable of providing language assistance during conferences, fairs, business meetings, visits to firms and factories, technical training and also foreign travel. We also offer an immediate telephone conversation translating service in different foreign languages with the participation of the two interlocutors on the line.

    Graphic layout

    We gladly collaborate with graphic design companies for the layout of foreign language texts.

    Text typing

    We offer a professional service for typing and creating the layout of texts of all kinds (degree theses, reports, books, catalogues, etc.) in Italian and in foreign languages.

    Transcription and translation of ancient documents (15th-19th century)

    Transcription and translation of archive documents drawn up starting from the 15th century. We transcribe Latin and Old Italian texts, translating them where necessary into Modern Italian.
    Given the nature of the texts (manuscripts), before accepting the job we reserve the right to fully examine the contents of the project, providing an indication of costs and approximate delivery times.

  • For estimates, collaborations and information on our translation services, please contact us by email at anse@anse.it