• Our method | AN.SE.


    Text to be translated

    our project managers assign the job to professional native-speaker, sector-specific translators.


    All AN.SE.'s staff interact with the translators to solve any doubts and difficulties.

    In the case of multilingual projects, AN.SE. coordinates the translator to ensure conformity of the versions

    The translated text reaches AN.SE.


    (“Professional” version)

    Internal spot check

    • Spell check
    • General graphic layout control
    • General text formatting control
    (“Super-professional” version)

    Internal check with in-depth quality control

    by persons skilled in:

    • Grammatical and syntax revision
    • Terminology revision
    • Graphic layout control
    • Text formatting control

    Consultation, if necessary, between proof-readers and translators


    General final check.

    Delivery to the client
    within the established deadline.

  • For estimates, collaborations and information on our translation services, please contact us by email at anse@anse.it